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Our Results Team wanted to share with you our favorite Thanksgiving recipes.  Food, as delicious as it can be, always brings back memories - of our childhood, past holidays, our home.  We wanted to share our favorites with you.  Happy Thanksgiving.


Hunting Season has long been a passion in my family.  It has been deemed a holiday by my son's, my father, and brother-in-law.  While I do not crave the hunt as they do, I can understand it.  The beauty of nature is all around us here in Wisconsin. From hardwood stands to creeks, rivers, and lakes to hiking trails and beeches - it is a sight to behold and treasure.

What are you hunting for?  If it is your own piece of paradise, a cabin in the woods, a beachfront property, or other real estate.  Reach out, let's talk.  Let me help you build your plan and plan your dream.


Green Bay Supper Clubs

If you've been busy exploring Green Bay homes for sale, you probably haven't had time for more than a quick bite to eat. But once you get settled in, you'll definitely want to explore one of the area's biggest trends - the supper club

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